"Is 'How To Train My Puppy' fast track system any good... or is it just a bunch of hype?"

Title: "How To Train My Puppy" Rating: 5 Star Rating Website:How To Train My Puppy

Sally and Me


It happened!

I wasn't watching her and she peed all over my Berber carpet... And with a lab that's whole lot of mess to clean up… To say the least- I was upset. I smiled on the inside as I picked her up and took her outside... but inside I was fuming.

I knew I needed help but wasn't sure where to look. Wasn’t this housebreaking supposed to come natural?

I guess not.

So, I went on the hunt. Who could help me stop this before it got out of hand? I’d read a shocking statistic that the majority of the puppies that ended up in a shelter were because of potty training problems. I didn’t want Sally to become a part of that frightening statistic.

I was so confused.

I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to potty train her by crate, paper, pad or to go outside. I was clueless. And I think Sally was as confused as I was. So I went to Google and searched 'housebreaking a puppy.'

The first ad I saw was titled 'How To Train My Puppy In 7 Days'...

That had ME written all over it. So I clicked…

The first thing that hit me was the similarities between their story and mine. I don't know about you but I like having a face behind a website. After getting their system, I was literally blown away. This was not just a course on how to housebreak your puppy as the title would have us believe. It is the most complete puppy training tutorial I've ever seen. You're shown how to use the dog's natural behavior...NOW I know the importance of beating the bad habits *before* they sink in.

Here’s the good news:

Implementing these tactics had my lab housetrained in 5 days! 5 DAYS!

Some books tell you to -figuratively speaking - go boil a pot of water. This system assumes nothing. Trey tells you what a pot is, where the kitchen is, what water is, how to put the water in the pot, then put it on the stove, how to turn on the stove and when to turn it off. That's the kind of attention to detail we're talking about here.

The focus of the system is training your puppy, specifically BEFORE bad habits are molded... and then he gives you step-by-step instructions to housebreak your puppy... and finally he gives some controversial information that goes against the grain of most of today's trainers.

Discover the controversial information about housebreaking puppy …


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